My Research Fields from 1966 to the present


The research field on Algeria [1978-85 and 2000-2010]


Having escaped conscription to the war in Algeria, my first contact with the country was my participation in a Symposium on Imperialism [1969] in Algiers. This relation with Algeria developed further within IREP-Développement, where many researchers were appointed to work on projects concerning Algeria. After the announcement of the 1977 concours d’agrégation∗ results, I took up from among the teaching appointments on offer the post of professor at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Algiers (1977-78]. I then migrated to the Faculty of Economics of Oran, where the chief education officer of Oran (Mr Talhahite) had asked me to set up a «magister» course in economics. Algiers and Oran were the anchorage point of my research on Algerian society and its economy.

Two big periods:
the first, from 1978 to 1985 [Palloix 1980, 1982], at the crossroads of structural industrial economics, labour economics and monetary economics, leading to an initial critical appraisal of development economics in Algeria;
the second, from 1998 to 2010, marked by an effort to combine the institutional and the structuralist readings so as to interpret the Algerian economy's attempt at transition to a market economy [Kichou, Palloix].


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