My Research Fields from 1966 to the present


The research field on money [1980-82 and 2006]


My works on Algeria's economy led me to take an interest in money through the different financing circuits (treasury circuit, banking circuit) of the Algerian economy, with an initial big examination of Algerian bank money: the confiscation of the creation of bank money by the Algerian firms [Palloix, 1982], hence a questioning on credit money.
This led me to question the financing of development plans in the Third Worlds by means of an international credit money conducive to a debt economy [Palloix, 1982].
On the occasion of the series of seminars on the Austrian economists, organized by CRIISEA in 1999-2002, I immersed myself in the analysis of credit money in R. Hilferding's writings [Palloix, 2006].


Doctoral thesis (doctorat d’état) under the direction of Gérard De Bernis
Initiated by and defended in front of a jury under the direction of Gérard de Bernis
Cf. my seminars with Jean Piel and Guy Dhoquois at the Faculty of Political Sciences of Grenoble on ‘The national liberation struggles in the Third World’ over the years 1970-75.
IREP-Grenoble, where I was a researcher, and which at the time was headed by Gérard de Bernis, had research groups tied up with development practices in Sub-Saharan countries, in Tunisia, in Algeria, …
Republished as an ‘opening’ in the anthology by Huw Beynon & Theo Nichols [2006]
Later, Ohnism or Toyotism appeared on the scene.
Cf. Christian Palloix, Les firmes multinationales [1973]
Cf. Christian Palloix, L’internationalisation du capital [1975]