My Research Fields from 1966 to the present


The research field on the labour process and the wage-labour question [1976-77, 1980, 1998, 2010]


The French translation of K. Marx's ‘Unpublished Chapter VI of Capital’ [1971] directed critical Marxist thought towards an analysis of the labour process, and I was not immune to this movement, producing texts on ‘Fordism and Post-Fordism’ both for the ‘Conference of Socialist Economists’ [1976] and for the journal ‘La Pensée’ [1977]. This research stressed the different types of labour processes punctuating the history of capitalism, from simple cooperation to neo-Fordism, with the gradual rise of a collective worker having to face and ensure the coordination the system of machines. This labour collective already starts breaking up somewhat with neo-Fordism.
From the labour process, I turned my attention towards the wage question in Algeria [1980].
I took up the question of salarisation again, this time from the angle of a limited salarisation [1998] in the developed capitalist spaces in the image of the one at work in the ‘peripheries’, with, at present, an ‑as yet‑ unpublished text on ‘Les fondements de la société salariale et la question des classes sociales chez Marx’ (The foundations of wage-labour society and the question of social classes in Marx's writings) [2010].


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