Why a website?

To testify, and to remind people, through my books (many of which are now out of print), articles, contributions and communiqués, made available online (to download possibly), that:

• research is fed (should be fed) by struggles, by conflicts in society (struggles of the liberation movements, struggles of developing countries, class struggles, …);

• research is a succession of ‘trajectories’ whose main threads do not always reveal themselves at first glance, in my case, the transition from structuralist Marxism to a (Marxist) criticism of political economy was then combined with an approach of social individuality (in opposition to the thesis of social identity) and socialization, while later attempting a synthesis with the old institutionalism of T.Veblen ;

The research papers posted here are ‘collective products’ (arising from debates, ideas taking root, struggles, …) that continue to be current:

• in the field of the representation of the capitalist economy, which can only function by taking from the ‘exteriorities’ that cross it, i.e. ‘nature’ (raw materials and energy, land), ‘society’ (the labour of the men and women), and by taking from ‘others’ (one country from the other, one business from the other, one social stratum – the shareholders and other owners – from the other, …),

• in the field of world internationalization-globalization (including counter to a pseudo heterodox such as P.Krugman, high priest of «globalization is not to blame»), so as to put in full view the internationalization of capital and the internationalization of the wage system, the growing international inequalities, …,

• in the field of labour economics, the labour process, the wage system (counter to the heterodox sirens who put forward «the end of the wage system»), so as to condemn the new forms of exploitation on the rise (Ohnism and ‘lean’),

• in the field of industrial economics (including counter to heterodox economists, who proclaimed the end of industry and declared themselves in favour of the advent of an economy of services), at a time when we rediscover that industry is the outlet without which there is no economy of services, and that industry is the pedestal of job creation and stability, even if one needs to amend all forms of ‘industrialism’ in the constraints of ‘sustainable development’,

• in the field of Algeria's economy, where there is a need to recall the missed promises of industrial and agricultural development (1963-1983) and the failures of the transition to a market economy (1985-2010) ‑and for good reason (what market?)‑, as well as in the broader field of developing economies,

• in the field of the analysis of bank credit money (in the sense of Marx and Hilferding), whose object is to finance the system of advances (in both investments and exploitation) so as to create wealth, whereas it is currently diverted by banks towards the speculative financing of fictitious assets on behalf of their shareholders.

This website, then, is not intended only for teachers/lecturers, research workers and students, but also for trade-unionists, men and women engaged in struggles to bring about ‘alternatives’ to capitalism here and there.